Friday, July 13, 2012

Stephen Reginald McDow Returns All $110,000 To Michele D. of Los Angeles, California

My attorney, family and I are currently resolving this matter as we've been attempting to do since February 2011. I remain shocked that it went as far as it did. Especially because our lawyers were talking during the time this matter escalated to an unimaginable level. I never avoided the matter and attempted to even address the matter without an attorney.  Please read what happened below!

This is another example of why the American worker is upset at the banks, and government not being held accountable for protecting the average hard working American citizen.

Stephen McDow is accused of committing a crime when an individual known as Michele D. authorized $110,000 to be directly deposited into Mr. McDow's Citibank account during the recession. McDow thought it was an answer to his personal situation. After discovering the error, McDow made attempts to return the money even though Citibank’s legal department said, from their perspective, the woman known as Michele D. gave him a gift. During negotiations between McDow’s lawyer Miles Clark, and Michele D’s lawyer, she filed a civil complaint. Additionally, someone related to the matter also sent copies of the civil complaint to leaders at his former employer (Orange County Medical Association) with the front page of his work blog attached. However, he had already disclosed the matter to them. Michele D. then contacted the police and said McDow was not responsive - which was not true, and had him arrested. McDow made several attempts to correct Michele D’s authorization of her IRS funds into his account - An account that she closed 5 years and tax seasons prior.

The police took him in handcuffs from his office, with his peers watching, to the Orange County Jail, held him in a holding tank with heroin users – vomiting blood, forced to share a cell with murderers and gangbangers totalling 11 days, even after he posted bail. Stephen McDow missed his son’s kindergarten promotion and father’s day, family is very important to him. He has been humbled by the experience. However, he knows that he is innocent of any crime. McDow was and is resolving this matter in the proper manner. McDow is a family man, a husband and not a criminal. This is an injustice! 

Have we seen this before? Yes, we should be reminded that in most of these types of cases there are NEVER criminal charges as long as the individuals are working the matter out. In fact, McDow’s lawyer Miles Clark, a former Deputy District Attorney in Riverside County, told Stacey Butler a reporter with CBS 2 Los Angeles that:

“As a former Deputy DA who tried thousands of cases, and now even as a Defense Attorney, I have never seen this law actually prosecuted. Especially when the individual has agreed to return the money.”

Southern California Tax Attorney, Jerry Unis, who is not associated with the matter also told Ms. Butler that:

"It doesn’t sound like [Stephen McDow] exercised criminal intent anywhere along the way.”

We should also recall that a middle-aged couple had a similar matter happen to them and it was on the NBC Today Show (A few years ago) and it almost ruined their lives. The only difference was that it was the IRS and not an individual. However, they were allowed to work out a payment and the charges were dropped. McDow, on the other hand, is not being offered the same treatment.

The Stephen McDow matter also gives evidence as to why ALL of our nations leaders have the duty to protect everyday Americans by calling for greater ACH fund transaction and bank account reassignment regulations. Such regulations would have prevented this unbelievable matter from happening to Stephen Reginald McDow and his family.

These accusations have cost him his job, his reputation and almost left him and his family homeless if not for the love and support of his extended family. Please sign the petition and ask your government leaders to urge the Orange County DA to drop criminal charges against Stephen McDow. Can taxpayers really afford prosecuting a family man who agreed to cooperate?

Please view the interview below and sign the petition on (Drop Charges Against Stephen R McDow) and show your support!